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Blended learning takes every type of learner into account, whether they prefer the familiar traditional classroom, would rather learn online, or try a mixture of both. Without the limitations of a classroom or all-online course, blended learning utilises a variety of methodologies so the content can be customised to the learner and optimised for the subject matter.

Trainers and administrators can build reporting features within empowered LMS for deeper, data driven insights and evaluation into learner progress and success across all blended learning methods.


Trainer-led may seem like a cheaper option when compared to eLearning development, but consider the true cost of face-to-face sessions: Time away from work and paying instructors can eat up a significant amount of the L&D budget. A blended eLearning approach cuts down on costs and can be used again and again, reducing trainer and administration time.

Blended learning is an interactive experience. Learners reinforce the offline lessons by practicing online through a variety of different content media, each geared to suit a certain learning style. Learners can choose which type of content they want to interact with, practice what they learn, and communicate with instructors and other learners any time and on any device. The community experience keeps learners engaged and informs teachers about their progress and areas needing more attention.

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Global organisations face the challenges of making learning universal, no matter the location. Language interpretation and translations are easily addressed by empowered LMS, bringing consistent training to all employees, whether they work in another country or from home.

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