It’s important to encourage and capture organisation-wide collaboration for increased productivity, social learning, and cross-team communication. empowered LMS encourages collaborative learning – the ability to follow and share colleague updates, join communities, discuss projects and learning, and share appreciation and knowledge across multiple teams.

Imagine a situation where an employee can rely on peers to get answers to day-to-day issues from day one on the job. Scheduled training can occur at any time, but people don’t have to wait for it to start being productive, so ramp-up time is reduced.

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Some employees may be intimidated by asking questions in classroom situations or during meetings. When using virtual channels, this is much less of a problem, and those same employees are less likely to hold back asking and getting answers.

When answers are readily available online, they can be reviewed over and over again – until learning has taken place.


If expertise has been developed, that knowledge can then be shared. Contributions by senior team members can be facilitated and encouraged by an environment that rewards top performers with measurable recognition. This can play a big role in growing talent in the organisation.

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We pride ourselves at being at the forefront of corporate learning since 1999. In conjunction with our collaborative and consultative approach, empowered LMS delivers a truly bespoke and inspirational learning experience, giving quantifiable improvements and return on investment.

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