Mobile learning solutions enable learners to take training seamlessly across devices. You can offer an entire spectrum of corporate trainings in this format.

Although, mobile learning is essential for many learners, for some, learning on a desktop computer is still effective. We work with our clients to understand their learners’ roles and provide types of learning that are most effective to your business – so that you can leverage the right mobile learning experience.

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Mobile learning allows learners to not only focus on the formal or structured training but also on the supporting training that includes avenues for Just-In-Time training learning aids they can draw upon as and when needed.

Learners across the globe should be able to enjoy the same LMS user experience, no matter what device or browser they prefer. empowered LMS offers a multiplatform-friendly system so you can deploy responsive online training that accommodates everyone’s needs, instead of creating navigation problems for mobile learners who want to benefit from moment of need support tools.


empowered LMS provides the flexibility to consume it when learners want to, move learning sessions across devices, and align it to their individual learning pace. As a result, you will see higher engagement, better completion rates, and more learners going back to review and refresh the learning resources.

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We pride ourselves at being at the forefront of corporate learning since 1999. In conjunction with our collaborative and consultative approach, empowered LMS delivers a truly bespoke and inspirational learning experience, giving quantifiable improvements and return on investment.

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