When learning pathways are customised, learners feel more in control of their learning journey, and in turn more responsible. Customised learning only offers learning content relevant to the learner’s goals and interests.

Keeping in mind the learner’s interest and understanding, customised learning pathways can also suggest the kind of content and learning resources, through which the student decides to learn. These resources may not be limited to classes taken, but further extend to online resources, discussions, and presentations.

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Our customised learning pathway encompasses flexible methods of learning, while also giving students the space and time to learn at their own pace. When learning is not bound by time or curriculum, learners are more inclined to develop their learning pathways.

Gamification content throughout the customised learner pathway can be adopted to engage and add other interactive elements to learning content.

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Timely assessments to take stock of progress made, does not just encourage learners to continue the journey, it also helps making necessary changes if any, to the personalised pathway, ensuring effectiveness of the plan.

Customised learning encourages learners to develop an increased interest in their learning, but also learn to lead and compete.


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