Our ROI calculator will enable you to forecast results based on your current learning and development performance and data.

It will provide you with an indicative breakdown of performance improvements including, total learning hours saved, improved staff turnover and retention rates, revenue increase and uplift, all utilising recognised industry and our own statistics.

It will also provide indicative costs for implementation of our empowered LMS and provide you with the all important total ROI.

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How we have calculated the above.

Based on your numbers provided, we have calculated the cost for investment of our empowered LMS (implementation, licence numbers, management, and support) against the industry standard savings highlighted below. All calculations have been based on one year only.

Revenue generated per employee is 26% higher for companies that offer training using technology.

Source: The Business Impact of Next-Generation eLearning, 2011.

Learning through e-learning typically requires 40% to 60% less employee time than learning the same material in a traditional classroom setting.

Source: Brandon Hall.

On this basis, we have used the lower figure of 40% in our calculations.

Since the implementation of Redware’s LMS, Volvo Cars can analyse training at group, national and international levels, with relevant reports generated for each area of their extended enterprise. They can demonstrate the improvement training is having on real business outcomes including reducing staff turnover by 18% within their dealer network.

Source: Volvo Cars - North America dealerships.

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