Redware's excellent service.

“The Redware team lived and breathed our project with us, with team members seconded to our offices and a Solutions Architecture team devoted entirely to developing the right technology for us. As well as completing an analysis between empowered LMS and the incumbent LMS, the team overlaid our company vision and learning strategy for the next 5 years and developed any bespoke customisations needed to achieve this vision.

“The customer service was good; they were sympathetic to our needs. Everyone was working hard to make sure everything happened efficiently.”

"Redware’s flexibility and ability to tailor their Learning Management System; providing us with bespoke technology was delivered to the same budget as our previous LMS. Moving to empowered LMS has reduced our total cost of ownership in our Learning Management System."

Redware's personalised approach.

“We compared Redware to some of the big corporate LMS companies - they were huge and lacked a personal service. The Redware team were great, when we’ve come up against challenges, we’ve worked through them together and they have gone over and above to provide an excellent customer experience.”

empowered LMS will truly enhance the learning experience of our teams. Redware has delivered a high quality and supportive service throughout the implementation as well as an intuitive final product.”

The intuitive UX.

“We were looking for a learning management system and learning competence management system and we were looking at seven different suppliers. As a result of the answers to our questions, we had two suppliers left. We went to a meeting to see their solutions and with the other company it was a standard solution. In this case, if we went for Redware we would be able to modify the system for our needs.”

“The front end is really good, it’s intuitive, easy and not overcomplicated.”

“I’ve heard a lot of people say it’s easy to work with, especially on the learner side. That’s the main reason we decided to go for it. With our 3-click rule it’s easy to find what I’m looking for.”

Exceptional product and delivery.

“Redware offered a functionally rich solution backed by a personal and bespoke service."

"The support received through the implementation stage and afterwards has exceeded our expectations and we were particularly impressed by the ability to keep the individual flair of each of our brands within the one system.”


In the words of our clients...