National Working from Home Day

by Lucy Boyes on Jun 24, 2021 8:00:00 AM

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On 'National Working from Home Day', how many of us are, and how is it affecting our performance and motivation?



In 2019, just over 5% of the total workforce worked from home, yet in April 2020, this figure dramatically rose to 46.6% of people in employment, with 86% of these people as result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Employer Productivity Fears.

With this huge change in working culture the most common fear among employers is that without physical oversight employee productivity will fall. However, homeworking overall in the lockdown did not appear to have had a significant effect on productivity levels either way. According to recently published ONS figures, two fifths (40.9%) of homeworkers reported that they were able to get as much work done in June 2020 as they were six months earlier. Over a quarter (28.9%) said that they got more done, while 30.2% said that their productivity had fallen. Nine out of ten (88.2%) of employees who worked at home during the lockdown would like to continue working at home in some capacity with around one in two employees (47.3%) wanting to work at home often or all the time.

Furthermore, employees with little previous experience of homeworking had not been put off by the experience of working at home - 50.0% of new homeworkers would like to work at home often or always even when Covid-19 restrictions permit a return to ‘normal’ working.

Covid-19 will continue to affect and change the characteristic of the new normal, with much higher levels of homeworking than in the past.


Focus on Engagement.

This creates a new office and team dynamic. With so many more people working remotely how do you enable productivity to remain high but ensure that your teams are communicating effectively? Sharing on-the-job-training, building positive working relationships, maintaining loyalty to the business and its culture, remaining motivated and engaged in their roles and responsibilities, ensuring talent retention. Engagement is the key to all these factors.

According to a recent Gallup poll, when employees are engaged at work, they are 20% more productive and nearly 90% less likely to leave the company. This statistic highlights how businesses have a responsibility to transform the engagement through all levels of business. One way this can be successfully adopted is through the implementation on online systems, enabling dynamic homeworking, on the road working, social learning, as well as creating consistent learning and training for teams and departments, wherever they may be located on the globe.


Redefining the Employee Experience.

Even as work and life have become completely blended for many people, more than half of at home workers say they would prefer to continue working remotely as much as possible once restrictions on businesses and school closures are lifted. Research finds the percentages that prefer continuing to work from home are highest in technology, insurance, arts, entertainment, media, finance and professional services. The relationship between remote work and employee engagement is complex.

The right approach to performance development is key to optimising the employee experience, performance, and wellbeing, in all situations. But getting the formula right in the current environment demands simultaneous consideration of all these factors - the functional role and job demands, workspace safety, the individual's perceived readiness and comfort, life circumstances, performance, creating culture in remote teams, managing remote teams, the ability to use one's strengths, team engagement, remote team communication and the dynamics of working together remotely compared with in-person work.

Finding a Solution.

When there is a need to meet any business goal, having a motivated workforce is important. Motivated employees can make a vital difference in meeting any company’s business goals. Every business or company needs to keep its employees motivated even in unwanted situations such as this COVID-19 pandemic. A business must have the ability to engage all employees. Hiring the right team and managing them well thereafter will lead to both excellent growth and performance. However, failing to motivate your employees can be catastrophic.

Our empowered LMS platform provides relevant and bespoke learning and development to each individual, allowing the employees to access them to continue their training, knowing its all there when they logon. Employees using the system can interact socially with other learners and trainers, creating a community that they can reach out to whilst working remotely, which will make them a happier, more supported, more engaged, and productive employee.


Working with one of our clients Volvo Car Corporation we saw dramatic results from the implementation of empowered LMS.
Time to competence
reduced from
6 months to 6 weeks
Staff turnover reduced by 16%
Engagement enhanced by 64%

It is important to encourage the employees to participate in training and activities to keep them motivated. empowered LMS can help organisations do just that for their entire workforce and through competitive learning with gamification and leader boards. 

You can encourage your workforce to share aspirational personal objectives. Management needs to focus on motivating employees, provide proper and supportive leadership, and work closely with the workforce. Trusting the workforce will keep them focused and drive them to build new talent and efficiently increase workforce productivity. Employers can also keep their employees motivated by developing a positive environment. Our empowered LMS platform will educate the employees about their companies and workings, drive learning and development through customised learner pathways and enhance social working with peers - building stronger working relationships and greater engagement and company loyalty.

By investing in a Learning Management System, you can inspire your workforce even during today’s adverse circumstances.

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Lucy Boyes

by Lucy Boyes
Jun 24, 2021 8:00:00 AM