Interview with Kate, Head of Central Operations

by Redware Team on May 12, 2022 10:26:30 AM

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How did you join Redware? What was the interview process like?

Before I joined Redware I worked for a recruitment company where I would handle duties such as admin, accounts, and payroll. (Eventually) Redware started working from the same building as us and I got to know Emily (CEO) when I would see her around the building, and I found that we got on (really) well before we ever became colleagues.

Eventually the recruitment company I worked for relocated to Warwick and during this time I was contacted by Emily asking if I would be interested in joining the team as their Finance Manager. My interview was also with Emily, it was (pretty) straightforward as it was one interview, where I was offered the job and I accepted.


How did you know Redware was the right company for you?

Between me accepting the job and starting the role, my mum became very ill with cancer, and we didn’t know how long she had left. With this going on and being worried how it may affect my new job at Redware, I contacted Emily with my concerns with regards to my mum’s health and how much I may need to be away to be with her. Without hesitation Emily reassured me and encouraged me to still join Redware and to take any time I need to be with my mum. That conversation instantly set the benchmark for me, as before I had even started my new role, I was already getting the support I needed.


How long have you worked with Redware now?

Since June 2014, so nearly eight years. Right around the time Redware was onboarding Volvo Cars.


What is different about Redware now from when you started? How much has changed?

Redware is always changing which is exciting!

Since starting my role at Redware flexible working has always been available and was certainly an attractive benefit when I was looking to join, as I did not have this in my previous role. I have a family, and they always come first. If they are ill or need my attention, I need a job that allows me to be with them when required, which Redware has allowed me to do from day one. Since then, we have gone on to introduce unlimited holidays as well which has been a great benefit.

Since starting as the Finance Manager my role has changed over the years, when Emily’s’ role and responsibilities began to change in the business, HR became a part of my role. Even though I picked up HR duties quite quickly I had no formal qualifications. There are a lot of elements to HR that I did not know about at the time and Redware provided the opportunity to go through paid training so I could learn more about the role I was transitioning to. Through the training scheme at Redware I went through my CIPD qualifications, over the course of three years. Even today I am picking new things up and have engaged in training to understand more about areas like legal elements and contracts.


What excited you about Redware in the beginning?

I think very early on it was ability to learn something new, I can’t sit still, and it is important that I am constantly on the go and learning more. Even now I still have so much to learn, and it is important that I continue to engage myself. The encouragement that I got early in my role, the environment and the culture were all massive parts of what interested me in Redware.


What makes Redware stand out amongst other companies?

The support we offer people has always been a standout feature of Redware, and being that we are a smaller team I’d like to think I know my colleagues a lot better than if we were perhaps a larger business. I think the option of hybrid working allows us to provide the balance of home working as well as the opportunity in the office environment to get to know one another a lot better as a team. Conversations that are less deliberate, by the coffee machine or across the office, rather than through a team’s call. That’s where I think you get to understand people better.

We don’t believe in the old attitude of ‘leave your feelings at the door’ and it’s not how we want to operate here at Redware. Your social and professional lives aren’t necessarily exclusive and if there is something going on at home, we can support you through that and it doesn’t have to hang over your head.



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