Interview with Gina, eLearning Content Support Administrator

by Redware Team on Jul 18, 2022 2:37:32 PM

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When did you start at Redware?

I started in May 2017 and my interview was with Mark and Kate. The interview process was great, and we seemed to get on well and was offered the position within a couple of days. I was looking to get back into my career after taking some time away from work to look after my family. In the beginning I was nervous as I had never worked in IT before as my previous roles were mainly paper driven. However, Mark and Kate were supportive and were more than happy to guide me through anything I needed to know. In the beginning it was a little scary, but they were very patient with me, and I remember them telling me that ‘you can train someone in IT, but you can’t train the right personality’ – Redware has a broad range of personalities that work with us, and it was encouraging to me that they felt I was the right fit.


How did you know Redware was right for you before joining?

Mark and Kate had a brilliant sense of humor! They were able to deliver an interview professionally whilst keeping the atmosphere relaxed and comfortable. It was one of the top interviews I ever had where everything flowed, and it was natural. They asked all the questions I wanted them to ask, and they gave me the opportunity to ask the questions I wanted to ask as well. They weren’t pushing me out of the door after five minutes and asked a lot about me personally, they were interested in me as a person rather than just my professional background. They were incredibly welcoming in their approach.


What was it like for you at the beginning in Redware?

I started off working on the Jaguar Land Rover account and working on content for them, I then moved onto content for Volvo and eventually began doing tickets, and queries alongside Tracey, who has been a really great help! Between the two of us, we meet in the middle and manage all the daily tasks together as a team.


How have you found the flexibility at Redware in your role?

They are really understanding and supportive. If you have a hospital appointment, or anything else you may need support with, Redware are there to support you. It’s been a great working relationship as while they offer flexibility, it means I can be flexible in return.

Say for example, if there was an emergency at home and I needed the morning off to deal with it, I could work in the afternoon without any problems. Anything life throws at you, Redware looks after you. Kate is very approachable and there is nothing I couldn’t tell her, if there was anything going on I know I can rely on her for support.

I am always thinking about how I can do more in my role and as a bonus any training (within budget) that I wanted to undertake, I know that I could use that opportunity if required as well. Even if I don’t use it, I know the opportunity is there in the future.


How do you find working with the team at Redware?

Everybody is helpful and patient. Tracey has been great to work alongside of and is always to open to new ideas. The developers and test team at Redware are also incredibly helpful, they are more than happy to talk me through anything I need to know. As someone who is more customer focused, it’s been brilliant to see how other members of staff operate and how they deal with things from their own perspective.

The senior management team are also brilliant and very supportive towards their colleagues. Emily, Adam, Kate, and Lucy are great – I have never not been supported. Kate has been there from me when I needed her, and she always checks up on me. Redware is a caring company. I don’t feel like a number, and I love working here for that reason. They are very mindful of mental health, particularly during periods of lockdown the senior management team were supportive and made sure to keep up to date with everybody, since then the addition of the social team has also been a great opportunity for members of staff to offload and get to know each other better.


Do you have any advice for someone in a similar role to you?

Be patient and try to obtain as much information as possible. Don’t be afraid to go back and ask more questions or clarification. Be mindful of any language barriers if you work with customers internationally. Spend a little time deciphering what the customer wants and make sure to always keep them in the loop.

The last five years in my role have gone quickly. It’s been a learning curve. It’s been interesting for me, it has built my confidence, it has showed me that I can work with anybody from different backgrounds. I love being part of the social where I get to know my colleagues better.


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