Interview with Alex, Test Lead

by Redware Team on Apr 5, 2022 10:06:38 AM

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Before I joined Redware I had been in roles mostly based in IT, my last role before Redware was working with Disney in an IT support role. As I progressed within that role I was given more and more testing opportunities which made me want to look for a full-time testing position.

The interview process between Kate and Chris was great! They made me feel comfortable and welcome throughout the entire process. I distinctly remember Kate saying ‘you can come in shorts and flip flops as long as you get the work done’, this was the attitude I wanted out of my employer and it certainly made me feel a lot more comfortable early doors.

The testing role at Redware was very attractive to me, not just because they offered a full-time testing role, but for its range of benefits at the time like flexible working.


My induction

During my first week I was given the opportunity to learn and get adjusted to the system. From there I was able to get stuck in straight away. Some might consider this to be getting chucked in the deep end, but I was given the right amount of support and it allowed me to learn a lot during the induction phase, which meant I understood the business and the processes very quickly, and this continues to benefit me in my role to this day.



When I started five years ago, we didn’t have remote working opportunities or unlimited holidays, but since these have been introduced I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities (even if Kate is telling me to get the holidays booked toward the end of the year!).


For new starters

Adam and Kate are great at finding staff that mix well with the team and are incredibly supportive throughout, not just at the beginning but even now five years into my role. They make you feel like a welcome part of the team straight away, and it allowed me to thrive in my role and work to the best of my ability. With the addition of unlimited holidays, remote working and flexible hours I have really enjoyed my time here so far.

For anyone considering joining Redware I would say absolutely, go for it! Redware is a great place to work and if you are ready to do the work then you will be rewarded for it – which is a great motivator!


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by Redware Team
Apr 5, 2022 10:06:38 AM