5 ways Empowered LMS can enhance compliance training

by Redware Team on Apr 12, 2022 11:00:00 AM

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To ensure compliance in the workplace, you need a learning management system that is not only tailored towards your business but is also able to keep learners engaged and keeps up with pace of change in compliance.

Implementing Empowered LMS to assist in compliance training can help your business deliver high-quality training in the workplace and give you the data needed to demonstrate compliance.

Interested in finding out how? Read on to see some of the main advantages Empowered LMS has in compliance training below…


1: Deliver tailored compliance training

Working with multiple businesses from Harvey Nash to Volvo Cars, we understand that every business and their learning requirements are different.

Therefore, not every LMS solution should be the same. With Empowered LMS you can tailor and import compliance training paths with varied formats, which can be assigned by location, job role, department and more. These formats include:

  • Digital learning
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • Face-to-face sessions

Whether you are following statutory compliance or looking to deliver training that is more niche, Empowered LMS can support your business in delivering compliance training to members of staff throughout the business.



2: Straightforward and easy to use

Through Empowered LMS’ simple user interface, learners and administrators can enjoy an intuitive user experience, making sure that users get where they need to, without clicking multiple times to get there. Working with Volvo Cars for instance, we not only needed a system that was flexible to their needs but also a system that was easy to understand. As Volvo have said themselves: “we wanted something that could be tailored to our business. The look and feel of their system for their learner is their best feature”.



3: Keeps learners engaged and motivated

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According to Gallup, employees that are continually engaged not only see an 18% decrease in staff turnover, but also a 23% increase in probability.

Having a robust LMS that can deliver high-quality compliance training is one step towards demonstrating compliance, but where does this leave employees? How can you make sure that the knowledge is being retained and that employees stay engaged with their training?

With Empowered we incorporate gaming elements into our LMS via gamification, utilising features such as leaderboards, rewards, and badges within the learning pathway so employees can visualise their achievements as they take on compliance training. Additionally, you can also upload external rewards towards compliance requirements, creating a single source of truth for compliance of a global workforce.


4: Keeping compliance training up to date


By getting to know compliance training, you will know that compliance rarely sits still as regulations continually change. This can of course vary by industry, and there are also different categories of compliance just to make things more complicated!

To make this process easier for you, Empowered can automate the release of new training content with future dated target deadlines to ensure employees are given the time to complete new compliance-based training. Users that are assigned new training will also receive automated notifications so that they don’t fall behind or miss any important deadlines through gaps in communication. As a bonus, training that is uploaded can also be set to non-mandatory, so if the change is only small or non-vital in demonstrating compliance, users have the option to re-take training if they find it necessary to do so.


5: Intelligent tracking and reporting

With compliance it is important that you can demonstrate training that has been taken and highlight anything that needs further assessment. With larger businesses that are spread across multiple locations, without the use of Empowered LMS this can become tricky.

Through our centralised LMS you can track compliance training at various levels of a dispersed workforce and automate notifications informing employees of upcoming compliance training, making it easy to highlight and manage gaps in compliance knowledge.


For over 20 years our learning and development experts at Redware have been helping businesses worldwide in demonstrating compliance by delivering comprehensive and robust compliance training.

To find out how empowered LMS can enhance employee development in your organisation, please contact us today.

Redware Team

by Redware Team
Apr 12, 2022 11:00:00 AM