Enterprise security

Safe, secure, simple.

Security of data is at the forefront of the mind when thinking about mobile. With InSight mobile, we take that thought away, making it super secure, so you can concentrate on producing amazing content.


What happens if a device goes missing?

With powerful control over users and content, if a device goes missing, you don’t need to worry.

Content delivered through InSight mobile can be wiped remotely, removing all traces of company data delivered through the application from the device. With remote lock of applications, Insight mobile and applications delivered through Redsource can be rendered useless on a device, so sensitive company data can’t be downloaded or viewed.

But all the data is on an employee’s own device, what if they leave?

If a user leaves and has company data on a personal device, you want to make sure that sensitive company information can’t be accessed.

With InSight mobile security only affecting the information coming through the application itself, the remote wipe and lock of applications can be carried out and they will only affect company data, not the user’s personal apps and data.

With this at the core of InSight mobile, it’s built with Bring Your Own Device in mind. It is the best of both worlds, companies can rest knowing their data is safe and employees don’t need to worry about work taking over their entire device.

I need to keep track of my data…

With robust reporting, security and interaction audits and user management, you can not only make sure that only the right data reaches the right people but you can also see exactly where your data is at the touch of a button.

But wait, there's more...

From integration, single sign-on and advanced policies, this is just the beginning.

Find out more about the tech behind security or if you have any questions, why not give us a call?

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